Unchained Creations is an Alaskan owned and operated company. We try to the best of our abilities to use materials obtained in Alaska and contribute to the Alaskan economy. Our raw materials are, primarily, from Alaska and obtained in an environmentally friendly way. In particular, our Ivory does not come from animals which have been hunted. Our fossil Walrus Ivory is decades or centuries old, having been buried in the earth and colored by natural mineralization. This mineralization gives fossil Walrus Ivory its hues of dark cream to chocolate brown. Mammoth Ivory, of course, comes from the tusks of Mammoths and Mastodons, which have been extinct for a minimum of 10,000 years, and received its coloration from the same natural mineralization processes. These Ivories are beautiful and people may enjoy the gift of their existence guilt free.

We DO NOT use, buy, or sell White (new) Walrus Ivory. We DO NOT support the hunting of Walrus for sport, entertainment, or any other reason – save for food and use by the indigenous peoples of Alaska who live a subsistence lifestyle. As for Elephant Ivory…  Unchained Creations condemns the hunting of Elephants, of every kind and location, for any reason. Elephants are awesome, majestic, yet critically endangered creatures, whose habitats are being diminished, and tusks cruelly taken, for the sake of human greed.